Somm Collab – David Ridge event image

Somm Collab – David Ridge

6:30pm - 16 May

Coming up for (about) his 35th trip to Italy soon, David Ridge reckons he is within 20 years of knowing everything about the Italian wine scene. Ok, perhaps 30. Or 40.
What he does know from covering almost every corner of the country is that Italian wine is a moving feast of discovery, a kaleidoscope of swirling elements, the old and the ancient, the fascinating and contradictory, and that the highs are at least the equal of anything else in wine.
David is renowned for his ability to engage us all in coming on this journey of discovery, so join us, David and Liinaa as we discuss a fascinating slice of the many wines we think are not quite the widely known names they should be.
And we might even argue – it is Italian wine after all!